Our Tempur-Pedic pillows provide exceptional support and comfort whether you are a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper.

Bed Boss

The Bed Boss Crown Pillow is very popular, with a unique shoulder notch perfect for side sleepers! It also provides stationary support with two sloping positions for stomach and back sleepers. It is made with premium high-density memory foam and a luxurious cover made with bamboo fibers and an aloe vera wash. The Crown Pillow is also available in smaller sizes – perfect for kids. Bed Boss also has a luxurious Harmony Pillow. It is shredded memory foam within a quilted foam pouch. Its smaller size makes it perfect for traveling so you are never without your favorite pillow.

Protectors and Sheets

Malouf Protector

Protect your mattress, keep yourself safe from allergens and prevent the development of asthma while still staying cool and comfortable while you sleep. Malouf provides a Prime Mattress Protector as well as a Universal Fit Protector, which give you quiet, liquid-proof protection to improve your health and the life of your mattress.

Malouf Sheets

Malouf also produces bamboo sheets that will make slipping into bed your favorite part of the day. The fabric is more breathable and will keep you cool and dry during the night. These sheets are antibacterial, odor-resistant, will not slip off and ensure a crisp, clean feel every night.

Find Your Perfect Accessory

Let the expert team at Mattress City help you find the perfect pillow and sheets for your mattress so you get the best night’s sleep possible. Give us a call or stop in today.