Restonic Marquis FM – Hybrid (Set)

Restonic Marquis FM – Hybrid (Set)


Restonic Marquis FM – Hybrid (Set)

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Restonic Marquis FM – Hybrid (Set)

Individually Wrapped, Zoned, Tempered Coils

Individually Wrapped, Zoned, Tempered CoilsIndividually wrapped, zoned, tempered coils provide conforming support and reduce partner disturbance from motion transfer.

Outlast® Cover

Outlast® materials absorb, store, and release excess body heat to maintain temperature balance, resulting in a permanent cycle of comfort through regulating temperature.

Gel Infused Quilt Foam

The Gel Infused Quilt Foam provides breathability that results in a cooler night’s sleep and with enhanced durability.

Surface Infused Memory Foam

Surface Infused Memory Foam cools the sleep surface, enhances your comfort, and provides true pressure relief.

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Twin, Full, Queen, King


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