8″ Essential Plus From $439


Proudly made in the U.S.A at one of MLILY’s three factories, the Essential collection is not only an economical choice but an exceptionally comfortable one too. The line includes four mattresses that utilize advanced technology from our more luxury models. The first three in the collection feature all-foam interiors that are more adaptive and responsive to the sleeper. While the fourth mattress is a hybrid that has individually pocketed springs that provide more support and increased airflow. The entire collection includes a layer of Bamboo Charcoal Gel AeroFusionTM Memory Foam that reduces moisture and odors.

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Essential Foam

The all-foam Essential collection combines practicality and comfort with three depth options and are enclosed in a Double Jacquard Fabric Cover. Two layers of specialty cooling foams, Bamboo Charcoal Gel AeroFusionTM and Liquid Gel Flex Foam with Egg Crate Top, work together to regulate body temperature and offers restorative sleep. In addition, the mattresses adapt to the body’s curves, provides support throughout the night, and maintains maximum spinal alignment.

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